Since I (Peter Goodhall, 2M0SQL) first started Cloudlog, the most common question I always received was “Is there somewhere I can just sign up and use it”, while I always wanted to offer it in this form I never really had the infrastructure to support doing it.

However, that’s all changing, Thanks to the generosity of Michael G7VJR who’s behind Club Log, I am now able to launch Cloudlog as a LaaS (Logbook as a service) and even better free (Cloudlog has no tracking or telemetry systems) for the amateur radio community to use.

Roll out of Cloudlog LaaS will be staged with a short beta in the next month and then rolled out for the community to use, this will allow us to check the code base is working fine for multiple users using Cloudlog at the same time.

For those not aware what Cloudlog is, it’s a web-based logging application that runs on a server and used within your web browser, this could be on the desktop, tablet or mobile phone. You can find out its full features at