I love helping people build products for the web


PHP, Python, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VueJS, Responsive Design, Accessible Websites, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, C#, REST.

Opensource Contributions

I’ve released and contributed to open source code and have a Github Profile which has my latest projects.

I am Peter Goodhall, a web developer based in Elgin in the North East of Scotland. I have worked as a freelance web developer for the last 12 years under the brand of magicbug, with the main focuses on beautiful websites and applications using WordPress or Drupal.

Of course, when projects need more functions I’ve experience of either building out plugins for CMS’s or building them from the ground up.

I also have experience in building and deploying large virtual learning environments based on Moodle.

Working with small traders all the way up to large multinational organisations to build reliable websites and mobile applications helping them improve their business and customer experiences.

This has either been done with working directly with the clients or alongside other agencies who have needed a helping hand to get a project delivered on time.

While the web has always been my focus I’ve also been known to work with clients to build desktop applications and interactive displays either for trade shows or museums using the Raspberry Pi.

I’ve also worked alongside a national amateur radio body to write and present about the how the Raspberry Pi can be used within amateur radio.

Interests outside coding?

Outside of coding lovely web products, I’m a keen radio amateur and hold the callsign 2M0SQL and have a keen in shortwave radio operation and using satellites built and launched by the amateur community.

Also can be found in my spare time in Lossiemouth walking the family dogs Monty & Molly.

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